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There are more than 90,000 Realtors in Canada and less than 1% have earned this prestigious, professional designation.
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As a realtor with 17 years experience, I know there is more to selling a home than lots of paperwork. It takes time, it takes consideration

of people’s needs and it requires a strong team of experts both from within and outside the real estate industry.

You will be happy to learn that I have access to a network of trustworthy advisors
I can rely upon for advice and guidance when dealing with complex situations.


Downsizing? Think “Right-Sizing” Instead


Excerpts from Barry Lebow


Time to downsize? You’re not alone. This year, thousands of Canadians will make the move from the family home, citing reasons such as retirement, an empty nest, loss of a partner or simply the need to cut expenses. But this won’t be our parents’ downsizing. Today’s older adults are younger – the average retirement age is now 62 – and they’re looking to right-size rather than downsize.


I use the phrase “right-size” advisedly. Although they need less house, research indicates that those in the 55+ age group expect to maintain their current lifestyles. Meaning they’re opting for more space and more luxury than previous generations. And they have more money than previous generations, enabling them to get what they want.


While studies indicate this generation of older adults will be healthier longer, some older adults are downsizing for health concerns and this had led to a proliferation of upscale retirement residences (which offer an independent lifestyle to active seniors who do not have serious health problems); assisted living centers (where residents maintain their independence and privacy while taking advantage of limited nursing care and other available services) and long-term care facilities – previously called nursing homes – which are licensed by the Ministry of Health and intended for people who need round-the-clock care.


However, health permitting, the majority of today’s downsizers are seeking to maintain an independent lifestyle. Older adults want the freedom to continue the activities they’ve always enjoyed. Their lifestyles demand recreational facilities and senior-friendly parks and trails, as well as malls, access to the GTA, picturesque scenery and cultural activities, all of which are available in Orangeville! Aren’t we lucky?


Improvements to Make Your Home Aging-Friendly

by Barry Birkett

In order for you to age in place in your home, you may need to consider potential repairs and improvements:

  • Is your house safe?
  • Is there adequate lighting to prevent accidents?
  • Do you have stairs that you will no longer be able to climb just to get to bed at night or to the bathroom?
  • Do you live nearby to family, friends and necessary shopping venuesw?
  • Is your doctor or hospital conveniently located near you in case of an emergency?
  • Is there an ambulance that can get to you quickjly if necessary?
  • Do you have ac cess to a system to call help in an emergency such as a life line? If not, can this be installed in your home?
  • Can you get into and out of your house with a walker or wheelchair?  Do you need a ramp built?
  • Are the bathroomns accessible?  Do you need to install grab bars to make personal care safe?
  • Are your living areas free from hazards such as throw rugs, electric cords and general clutter?

Many of these concerns are easily remedied.  Some are not,  such as your home's location and time may be of the essence to make such a big change.  Plan now so that you or your loved one can safely age in place.


If you decide that a home renovation is needed, there are professionals who are specially trained in this type of home remodeling.  Contact the National Association of Home Builders at:


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I was recently introduced to Brenda Alderdice of Downsizing Diva on site at a mutual client.  I was impressed.  

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